App-Controlled Coding Robot [COMING SOON]

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Total control will be yours with the OWI App-Controlled Coding Robot (ACCR). This 23-piece kit features three brand new play modes, all of which are activated through an app-solutely remarkable app interface. Children will have the option to control the movements of ACCR with two digital joysticks, written code, or voice command. Young scholar's eyes will light up as they conquer homemade obstacles with ACCR. Problem-solving skills will strengthen as they practice the mathematical time measurement associated with writing and testing directional code. In voice command mode, future engineers will learn to think two steps ahead as they help their little robot along the desired path. While navigating in free play mode, boys and girls will have to hone in their manual dexterity skills as they carefully maneuver the digital joysticks to complete self-designed mazes.

With the App-Controlled Coding Robot, children will get a head start learning the critical skill of coding and having fun at the same time.

Ages: 8+

Dimensions: 6.25" x 4.75" x 2.75"

No. of Pieces: 23

Batteries Required: AA x 3 (not included)