Pre-assembled T3 Transforming Solar Robot - Tank Mode

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Need a robot but don't have the time to assemble it on your own? Or maybe you want to send a toy to a relative and have it be ready from the get-go? You're in the right place, try ordering the pre-assembled version of our T3 Transforming Solar Robot at half the price of the original version!

We limit one per order and this deal is subject to availability.

Late nights and too much coffee have inspired OWI’s geek squad (designers) to unleash their cranial creativity in the form of a multifunctional transforming solar robot kit. “T3” is an intelligent mobile kit that requires no fossil fuel - no batteries. Its animated movements are activated by nature’s gift of sunshine.

“T3” easily transforms into three intergalactic designs: Tank, Robot, and Scorpion. Easy instructions and basic building skills are that’s needed for young science fiction buffs to see the benefits of solar energy before their very eyes.

Eco-friendly and transforming friendly…Oh yeah….”T3”!



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