- Make sure all plastic parts such as C5 are cut correctly and are burr free-


Air Leakage Testing


Valve assembly


Meter assembly


Cap Assembly


If pressure meter can not gauge to red range, or air leaks from uncertain somewhere.

  • Check if air tubes are installed correctly. ( Below marked positions to help you
    quick check the air tubes, for exact assembly steps - refer to page 4
    “ How To Fit Air Tube ” )

  • Check if D9,A2 / D14, A2 are loose..
    ( refer to page 24, step 15 & page 29, step 22 )

  • Check if P10 & D16 are installed correctly.  ( refer to page 10, step 7 )
  • Check if P14 is fastened tightly.  ( refer to page 8, step 5 )
  • Check if E2 / A3 are loose.  ( refer to page 12, step 4 )
  • Check if P9 (O-ring) is set flatly. ( refer to page 12, steps 6 )


  • Check if P17 is installed in the right direction.  (refer to page 12, step 3 )
  • Check if P10/ B13 are installed in the right direction.
    ( refer to page 22, steps 11~13)

If air tubes are loosened while pumping.

  • Check if connectors are stained by oil. Take off the connectors/air tubes, make
    sure to wipe off the oil and use neutral detergent to clean the parts thoroughly.

  • Check if air tubes are clamped during assembly. Slightly pull the tube
    (as shown below) to make sure it is freely moving without clamp.

If the pressure meter does not function while pumping.

  • Check if pointer is installed correctly ( refer to page 11, step 12 )
  • Check if air tubes are clamped ( refer to Trouble Shooting 2-2 )

Check if D2 / D5 are installed in the right direction.  ( refer to page17, step 2 )

  • Also on page 11, step 11 make sure not to pull the spring coil too hard and if you do you may need to adjust it so that it is not so elongated.



 If you are having trouble getting D16 into A10 make sure you are using the right size red cap. (refer to steps below)