Replacement Parts

All replacement parts are shipped in quantities of ONE (1) unless more than one is ordered. The cart function allows you to change the quantity but the default quantity when adding to cart is ONE (1).

 scrib-landing.jpg  100-in-1-stem-lab-landing.jpg  landingpagefor-xin1.jpg   landingpageforsmartcore6.jpg

    landingpagefor-v8.jpg 893fortroubleshoot.jpg 618picfortroubleshooting.jpg  892-troubleshoot.jpg

610.jpg 3in1.jpg 615TROUBLESHOOT.jpg  super-soalr-troubleshoot-2.jpg

 t4-troubleshoot.jpg solartransformers.jpgmost-wanted-holiday-2016-largescale.png kingcrab.jpg 

grasshopper.jpg  ssracincar.jpg frog.jpg  sonicf1.jpg

snapyetti.jpg rookiev2.jpg msk682fortroubleshoot.jpg 

captain-roam-e-o.jpg greenprodwin.jpg pen-logo-square.png 631troubleshoot.jpg

 633fortroubleshoot.jpg swfc-car.jpgswfcspider.jpg 752.jpg 

753.jpg 750troubleshoot1.jpg 535.jpg 535-usb.jpg

atr.jpg hydraulic-troubleshoot.jpg em4robot.jpg triceratops.jpg 

 megamantis.jpg samuraiscorpion.jpg rhino-beetle.jpg t-rex.jpg


If your kit is not listed here you can still place an order using our old parts order form by clicking here