Attacking Inch Worm Troubleshoot


- Take robot outside under direct sunlight

- Double check steps 4-6.

- Make sure the right gears are inserted in their respective pins. (step 5 picture inset)

- Make sure the crown gear is engaged with the motor gear. (step 6 picture inset)

- On step 9, check orientation of "A11" & "A12." Make sure it is inserted as illustrated in the picture inset labeled "o"

- Check to see if parts “B1” & “B2” label on plastic part are facing towards body (step 9)

- Check to see parts “B1” & “B2” are able to move freely (step 9)

- Make sure parts “A11” & “A12” are not pushed too tight against “B1” & “B2” (step 9)


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