EM4 Robot Troubleshoot

If your robot is not working check the battery as shown on P6 before you continue.

Very Important:

Make sure to cut and shave off excess plastic burrs on all plastic pieces,including the battery holder, to ensure proper assembly.



Make sure to securely tighten P9 screws into C2 It is very important for functionality that the red C-pieces are attached securely so that the yellow battery connection will fit snugly  in place.


 Robot does not have enough power

-Make sure you are using new batteries.

-Do not mix old an new batteries.

-Do not mix alkaline, standard(carbon-zinc), or regarchable (nickel-cadium batteries)

-Batteries are inserted witht he correct polarity.

-Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargable batteries.

-Use of rechargable batteries or mercury oxide batteries are not recommended for this product. 


Make sure that the gear box is set to the proper speed for each mode

-Beast should be switched to "2"

-Trailer should be switched to "1"

-Cricket should be switched to "1"

-Grandpa-bot should be switched to "3"


- Disconnect the battery when switching between modes