Hyper Peppy Troubleshoot

Does Not Work

- Double check batteries, make sure wires are inserted correctly. Refer to wire connection chart.

Stutters Back and Forth Disorderly

- Variable resister sensor may be too sensitive. Adjust sensitivity.

Keeps Going Straight. Microphone Does Not Respond

- Wires in microphone may be inserted incorrectly, check wires and variable resistor sensitivity.

Operates Backwards

- Motor wires inserted incorrectly, correct wire orientation.

Does Not Turn When in Reverse

- Lubricate front wheel as per instructions on page 12-13. 

- Make sure drive shaft is assembled correctly as per instructions on page 11.

Motor Turns but Does Not Turn the Gears

- Gears may not be engaging. See page 16 - move 1 flat washer as illustrated.

Batteries Become Hot

- Batteries may be inserted incorrectly or battery wires may be crossed. 

Pinion Gear of the Motor Hits the Top of the Crown Gear and Does Not Engage

- Crown gear and/or motor may be installed incorrectly. 

- Take out motor and re-install so that that the pinion gear engages with the crown gear. 

ON/OFF Switch Does Not Point to the ON/OFF Position

- Switch dome installed in the wrong position. Unscrew tapping screw and align switch to the correct position. (See page 9)

Bearing on Drive Shaft Does Not Fit on Base

- Bearings may be installed incorrectly. Reassemble bearings onto shaft. (See page 11)

Crown Gear Does Not Engage

- Crown gear may be on wrong side of drive shaft. Reassemble drive shaft with crown gear on opposite side.

-On page 10 – “Assembling the right and left wheels and the shaft” – when you put it together and hammer the assembly together, there is a measuring tools on the right hand side of the page. If this part is not to the correct measurement, it will not allow for proper engagement of the crown gear and pinion gear.

-please check to see if the assembly was in the proper order as the illustration advises. On the inset box in the top left hand side, make sure the tapping screw tight. When you secure the right wheel (A-10) and crown gear (A-4), It will provide for proper distance to the pinion gear on the motor.


***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, https://owirobot.com/pages/Parts-Order-Form.html or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 

Email: info@owirobot.com


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