Kabuto Mushi Robot


 Robot not working

  • check troubleshooting tips (p54)
  • check wire connections (pp42&49)
  • check gear assembly (pp20-23, pp31-33, pp35-36)
  • check if battery wires are inserted through hole (p41)
  • insert 4 “AA” batteries into the “battery box” in the robot (p51)
  • insert 3 “AAA” batteries into the “battery holder” in the remote control (p51)
  • set the “speed shift lever”  to the desired uniform speed on both gearboxes (p51)
  • turn on the power switch on both the robot and the controller
  • select desired channel on both the robot and controller by using the “SELECT” button and it is important that you have the same channel on robot and controller (p52)
  • point or angle the controller towards the robot (p52)
  • check the orientation of the “wheel shaft” and “change speed lever” for the left and right gearboxes (pp22&23)
  • if only one tractor rotates, check to see if bushing is completely inserted into the gearbox

 Only one motor/wheel turns

  • check to see if the motor is in its placeholder and engaged with the crown gear

 PCB controller & main PCB compatibility

  • 080310 (controller & main)  Lot#B3805715K (NEW)
  • 060922 (main) & 060313 (pcb) Lot#A3504715K (OLD)

 PCB Controller Not Working

  • Check the bottom right of the controller PCB for a serial number, either 080310 or 060313. This number should match up with the number on the robots main PCB. If not, there is a compatibility issue.


***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, https://owirobot.com/pages/Parts-Order-Form.html or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 

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