Kingii Dragon Robot Troubleshoot


If your kit does not operate please make sure to check all FOUR batteries. This kit requires FOUR AAA batteries. (P21 Step 15)

Common Assembly Issues.

Pictures illustrate Incorrect (NG) beside Correct (Good) Assembly


A) This gearbox has a gap which indicates that the gears are not in proper position. This will cause the yellow gear to not engage with the purple one, it’s the main reason that the legs don’t move. Please recheck the assembly of the gearbox, make sure all gears are in correct position and engage with each other (Pg15-P17).


B) Make sure there is no big gap between its body


C) Make sure the left and right wheels are in the proper position. In the image above labeled "NG", C19 is positioned where C2 and C20 should be placed. The image labeled "Good" shows C2 and C19 in the correct position. It is important that you place the proper wheel on the proper side as shown in the instruction manual (Pg22-23).


If your wire is too short to plug into the PC board  (VERY IMPORTANT)

Check to make sure P15 Motor w/ Long Wires is used in the tail assembly (Page 16).

P15 Motor W/ Long Wires (Page 16).

P14 Motor W/ Short Wires (Page 5).

Note: These motors look very similar. The Motor W/ Short Wires has its wires facing backward away from the motor shaft and the Motor W/ Long Wires has its wires facing forward toward the motor shaft. If you are unsure place the wires side by side to measure them.


If you're having problems with the motor engaging in a gearbox.

1) Make sure C4 and C3 are not mixed up

2) Make sure C22 and C4 are oriented as indicated by the markings below

3) Make sure C4 is pushed in like in the illustration marked "very important!" shown below


4) Make sure gearbox components snap together tightly. 



An example of improper gearbox assembly.