Kranius Troubleshoot

Robot intermittently / not working / leds not lighting up

- Check pcboard terminals for the motor and motor terminals if they are in contact.

- Remove any wires visible inside the battery compartment. You will have to remove the battery holder and look inside the battery compartment. The battery holder should slide in without any tightness when you install it back in the battery compartment.

- Remove any remaining burrs off the battery holder (see p11 for info about burrs)

- Check if there are keyboard key/s that are loose/not making the "clicking" sound when pressed

- Make sure that the AA batteries are identical. I have found two AA batteries that have the same type, size, and both "LR6" not work just because their positive and negative contacts differ from each other thus making the robot not work all the time. If both batteries have different packaging/sticker on them, I am almost sure that they have different pos/neg contacts. Make sure also that they both have the same amount of 'juice' left

- Make sure that both AA batteries are in contact with the metal contacts especially the one nearest the 9v. Look at the positive (+) terminal of that battery closely and make sure that it is making contact with the flat metal contact

Not following the commands properly.

- See page 29 – 30 for setting up rotation time

- Check if there are keyboard key/s that are loose or not making the "clicking" sound when pressed

- Take off batteries, turn it on then replace the batteries

Does not see obstacles

- Check power of 9v battery

Avoids non existant obstacles

- Check positioning of the infrared LEDS. It might be bent too much downward (p22)

- Check position of infrated LED cap (p22)

Does not make 'PiPo' sound

- Check 9v batt

- Check speaker wire if connected correctly

When you turn the power switch on, press reset button- the unit make a
noise "Pi" 9 times, and the red and green LED turn on/ only one wheel rotates.

- remove the batteries then turn ’on’ switch and hold down ‘reset’ button

the 2pcs of AA batteries in WAO are running out, or
-  the AA batteries contacts are loose.
-  please check the battery contact or the battery power.
-  there are small differences in the size of batteries, which might be causing
   loose contact
- the dome cover must be secured tightly
- adjust both variable resistor that are near the infrared eyes of the KRANIUS in such way that they are perpendicular to the biggest chip on the board.
- check polarity/position of the batteries

1. Make sure that the pcboard motor terminal pins are in contact with the

motor terminal pins. Take a closer look at the area where those terminal

pins are. Make sure that the motor terminal pins (that you should have bent

45degrees upward) did not go on top of the pcboard motor terminal pins. Make

sure that the pcboard motor terminal pins are pushing the motor terminal

pins all the way down.

2. There is a gray 'ribbon' that connects the main pcboard to the controller

pcboard (the one with the control keys). Make sure that none of its wires

are disconnected.

3. Make sure that any burrs (read page 11 for info about burrs) from the

battery holder are completely cleaned off.

4. Make sure that there are no wires visible when you look inside the

battery compartment. If there are, you can use your finger to push them deep

inside the robot or better yet, pull the wires from the sides of the robot.

5. Press all the keys on the keyboard. See if there are any keys that do not

make the 'clicking sound' when you press them. Check if there are any loose


6. When you insert the battery holder in the battery compartment, make sure

that you push it all the way down so the terminal pins can have good


On one, only the left motor will run, and only when the robot is commanded to 'spin' right or left (the wheel, of course, turns in opposite directions).  When power is applied directly to the motor terminals on the board the motors will operate.  The keys appear to operate normally.  When the reset button is pressed all four LEDs light.  When the keys are pressed to enter commands, the unit 'beeps' normally, but nothing happens (unless commanded to 'spin').

In Demo 2 - left motor runs, unit beeps.  If hand put in front of sensor the motor stops and the LEDs flash, but the motor never reverses.

1. Most likely cause of the problem we can think of is that the board terminal for the right motor and the motor terminals do not contact correctly and therefore the power is not conveyed.

2. The above 1. might be attributed to that the screws at the terminals are not tightened enough.

3. There is a possibility that either the photo transistor or the LED at the left pulse sensor is not working properly.

Please check 1. and 2. first, since most of the case a problem can be solved by tightening the screws there.

However, if the problem still cannot be solved, then it is possible there is a problem somewhere to control the right motor on the PCB, though the possibility is very low.

In this case, we must first ask you to exchange PCB.

-lightly sand both sides of the motor contacts that are attached to the PC Board, and also lightly sand the circular contact areas on the board itself where those motor contacts are mounted.

***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 



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