Moonwalker II Troubleshoot

Easily topples over

- Check wiring of motor (p33)

- Check both Cranks if they are parallel to each other (p24)

- Check assembly of both Front and Rear legs (p25-27)

- Robot will move 'wobbly' but this is normal


Legs wont move though motor is running

- Check engagement of gears (p31)

- Check installation of legs (p25-27)


Neither sensor activates the motor / Wont move

- Check installation of battery and battery life

- Check wiring of motor and switch

- Adjust VR (p34)


Light sensor not working properly

- Check if a Stopper is covering the light sensor and has the correct size (p33)

- Adjust VR (p34)

- Make sure that your area does not have too much or too little lighting


***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 



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