Soccer Jr.

Motors not working

- Check wiring (p10, p21)

- Check motors if their terminal pins are in contact with the screws (p14 / p20)

- Make sure motors are not dead by connecting directly to a battery.

- Make sure that the battery terminals of the controller are secure. Put nail polish on the areas where the screw and nut meet.

- Check batteries


Flipper not working properly

- Put grease on the gears and on the pins where the gears rest (p18)

- Make sure motor terminals are in contact with the screws (p20)

- Make sure that the rotor top panel is installed correctly (p20 lower right corner)

- See "Motors not working"


Robot does not move as controlled

- Check wiring (p10, p21)


Legs do not rotate but gears are rotating

- Check if lock nut is screwed in tightly (p13)


Robots moves crooked when moving forward

- Check batteries

- Check all moving parts if they are not defective


Check whether the screws on the PCB are set tighten enough.

In addition, the springs of the battery contacts must not be bent.
Please make sure they stay straight to contact the metal parts of the
battery box.

***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 



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