Robotic Arm Edge Wireless Troubleshoot

Robot not responding to wireless controller - blinking LED

  •  The problem is actually within the battery case, what is happening is the batteries aren’t fully touching each other or some of the contact plates. This results in the robot only having enough power to move in one direction and not establish connection. What you can do is open the battery case and press down on all 4 of the batteries. Making sure the robot is turned on, and roll the batteries back and forth. You should see the diode flicker  as you find the “sweet spot” that the batteries need to be in to make the arm move in both directions and establishes connection.
  • Check battery voltage on all (4) “D” batteries/replace with alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable batteries or replace with new name brand batteries (e.g. Duracell, or Energizer)
  • One of the white pc board controller wire may be broken
  • Check to see if the wires are pressed inside the battery case thus causing loose contact on the batteries
  • On step 16, make sure the protruding metal piece/nipple (P16) is facing the battery (as illustrated below)