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OWI has made robotic arm technology more affordable without compromising quality. With Robotic Arm Edge, command the gripper to open and close, wrist motion of 120 degrees, an extensive elbow range of 300 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, base motion of 180 degrees, vertical reach of 15 inches, horizontal reach of 12.6 inches, and lifting capacity of 100g. WOW!   Some of the added features include a search light design on the gripper and a safety gear audible indicator is included on all five gear boxes to prevent any potential injury or gear breakage during operation. How does this equate to fun? 

Check out what the Chester County Career Center has to say: Blog


Ages: 13+
Dimensions: 9" x 6.3" x 15" 
No. of Pieces: 197
Batteries Required: 'D' size x 4 (Not Included)



                 Motor Specification:-






 Operating Voltage



 No Load Current

255mA Max.


 No Load Speed

12340rpm ±12%


Starting Voltage



Starting Current



 Stall Torque



 Stall Current



                  Motor Dimensions:-



 End Shaft ( Metal Case Side)

9.4 ±0.5mm


End Play



End Shaft (End Bell Side )



 Motor Length

25.0 ±0.3mm


Motor Diameter

Φ20 ±0.2mm


 End Bell Case Width

Φ15.1 ±0.15mm


 Bearing Case Diameter

Φ10 +0.05/-0.25mm


 Bearing Case Width

8.9 ±0.25mm



 Tolerance : ±12%


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    Posted by L. Scrimshaw on 13th Jul 2010

    I am sooo popular for buying this for my son for Christmas! He loved putting it together with his dad, and loves using the finished product. Right now he is using a remote control he assembled himself to control a real robotic arm as it picks up cheerios and puts them in my son's mouth! How cool is that? The range of motion and "dexterity" of this robot are impressive! If your child is careful and patient, has a willing adult helper and has any interest in robots, electronics, or engineering, you can't go wrong with this fantastic product, especially for the price. You get 2 products in one: a fun building project, then a super fun gizmo to play with. I am so happy I bought this!

  • 4
    Engaging & Fun

    Posted by Ed T. on 13th Jul 2010

    I think this would be fun for those who like to build stuff.. Took me around 2 - 3 hours to get it done but enjoying every bit of it after that.. =)

  • 5
    Not just for kids

    Posted by Sean F. Kennedy on 13th Jul 2010

    This is a good intro into robotics. I got it for father's day and made me very happy. It took me about 3 hour to build. Couple of things to keep in mind: -Some of the screws look a like but are not. I would say to sort them before hand so not to get them mixed up. -I was surprised the gears have no lubrication. This could make it quieter. I think this is something you could add your self. Just be careful not to degrade the plastics. -I would like to have seen a DC adapter rather than batteries. I may build one. With the simple pin-out system, it should be easy to hack.