Robotic Arm Trainer Troubleshoot



Elbow/Shoulder cannot go up/sliding down

- Tighten the M3x25 screws that holds them. Use a screw driver w/ a big handle for more torque

- Yellow felt might need to be replaced if robot is more than 9mos old


M3x25 screw not screwing into the locknut.

- Check position of the lock nut (p22/27)


Base not rotating

- Check life of motor by connecting directly to a battery

- Make sure that 'stopper' is properly installed and tight. Use a screwdriver with a big handle for the job (p35)

- Make sure that Power Unit 5's gear is engaged with the Main Gear properly (p34)

- Check if Slide Plates are installed (p32)


Clutch pieces that holds the whole arm to the base not engaging well with the mediation gear

- Make sure that a Spacer Large is installed together with the whole Clutch assembly (p30 lower part)


Hand/Wrist falling off

- Check if an M3x12 tapping screw is installed on the wrist (p21)


Lower clutch mechanism can't be sufficiently tightened to raise the arm.  

-If this occurs at the beginning stage, I mean at the first try after
assembly, then please move the corresponding motor and check whether the
gears are correctly engaged. If they are, then it is possible the uppermost
screw of the base side is not tightened enough. Then please tighten it
-If this occurs after the arm is used for many times, then it is possible the
clutch pad became thinner.
This type of material naturally gets so after being used for some time and
we cannot help it.
Then again, the above said screw needs to be tightened to narrower the space
of the gear part.
When the arm is used for long time and the clutch pad gets too thin to
function, then it needs to be exchanged.
An ordinal felt can substitute the pad.



IBM-007 Software Problems

Robot starts to move even w/o commands given

- Make sure that before you boot your computer, everything is hooked-up (pc-interface cable-interface card-robot) and that the interface card is turned OFF.


- If robot still moves, click on the STOP button until the robot stops moving.

- If all else still fails, check the red and black battery wire if they are connected to the right battery terminals. Their software might be defective and downloading the software off our website might solve the problem


- please review your system information 

System requirements:

DOS: PC 385 (or better), parallel port, DOS 4.2 (or higher) 2MB Ram minimum, 300k hard drive free space.
System requirements for Windows: Windows compatible PC 486 (or better), parallel port, Microsoft Windows compatible mouse, 4MB Ram min., 4MB hard drive free space.

** Works with Windows 95/98/2000/XP **


***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 



Fax: (310) 515-0927