Sonic F1 Troubleshoot


Car Not Moving

- Make sure the yellow pinion gear and purple gear on the rear wheel shaft are lining up perfectly. Please also make sure the pinion gear is inserted in the proper orientation as illustrated in the assembly instructions. Car fails to move when pinion gear is pushed too far down on the motor shaft or the wheels are fitted too loose. Pull yellow pinion gear out further from motor shaft and press the wheels tightly together. Make sure both gears are engaging and not loose.



- Take robot outside under direct sunlight or use a 100W halogen light

- Push the pinion gear towards the motor so it does not touch/rub against the body

- Move wires away from the pinion gear

- Make sure front and rear shafts are fully snapped into place

- Check to see if the red and black wires are not pinched between the solar panel and the black plastic piece. Carefully and gently free the wires, if pinched

- Make sure there are no excess burrs on the wheels.


***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 



Fax: (310) 515-0927