Sumo Robot Troubleshoot

Certain gear not engaging with another gear.

- Make sure that a “pinion gear” large is installed (p28)


Hands sometimes fall off when it hits something.

- This is normal – part of the whole robotic sumo wrestling game.


Not reacting to obstacles.

- Adjust variable resistor (p37)


Wires keep falling off the battery contacts.

- Make sure the wires are secured to the battery contacts by using the transparent tubes (p35)


Robot moving the opposite way.

- Make sure all wires are installed on their proper terminals (p34, p35).

- Make sure motor is installed correctly. The “flat side of D”  is facing downward (p35)


G-3 and G-4 cannot fit into the gearbox/ Cannot screw them in together

- Make sure gear is in the middle of the shaft (p21)

- Adjust the gear so it doesn’t press G-8 too tightly


Left wheels stop rotating when retreating

- This is normal. The left wheels do not rotate in reverse because the clutch prevents the motor from turning the left wheels.


Left wheels rotate when retreating

- Check the engagement and installation of the gears on the left panel

- Check if the stopper (C-5) is inserted fully in the pocket (p29)


Adjusting detectable range / reversing time

- See page 39


Accidentally dropped the robot

-          push batteries tightly into place


Wheels does not rotate smoothly/ stops once in a while

-          Check the wheel assembly (spacer, gears, washers, and nuts)

-          Tighten the lock nuts but not too tight that the gears can’t move

-          Check to see if a spacer is installed.


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