Weasel Robot


Motors not working

- Please read pgs 35 and 36 (explanation of motor functions)

- Check wiring (p32)

- Check if motor wires are still intact.

- Check battery life and installation.


Gear shifter not working properly

- Check gear installation (p24 -26)


Robot not sensing the line | Stutters back/forth | Disorderly

- For best performance, set the speed to medium (#2) or slow (#1) in gearbox

- Gently and carefully adjust both variable resistors making them perpendicular to the slide switch   

- See if sensor holder is pointing towards the ground (p35) and installed correctly (p27)


Robot not making the turns using sensor spring

- See page 35 – 36 for some tips

- Make sure that the installation of the sensor spring is correct (p29)

- Apply a little grease on the sensor spring


Batteries become hot

- Check wiring and battery installation


Pinion gear of the motor hits the top of the crown gear and does not engage

- See page 26


Crown gear does not engage

Check assembly of crown gear (p26)


Pin holding the crown gear falls off

- apply nail polish to the pin and stick it to the gearbox or superglue the pin to the gearbox


***Note: If you need a replacement part you can order it online here, https://owirobot.com/pages/Parts-Order-Form.html or fill out the warranty form in the back of your manual and send it to: 

Email: info@owirobot.com


Fax: (310) 515-0927