Coding Robot Parts Grab Bag For Instructors

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Miscellaneous Robot Parts for a Coding Robot.

The included Printed Circuit Board features a simple press-button programming function with no need to download codes from a personal computer or tablet via USB or Bluetooth connections, all the tech needed is onboard! Simple and basic (forward, left turn, and right turn) with each individual command powering the motors for half-second intervals. With a maximum storage capacity of 360 button presses (180 seconds) or 30 tasks, the Printed Circuit Board is the perfect kit for beginners and advanced coders alike. Teach them the basics, and we have tomorrow's programmers… today.

 Grab Bag Includes:

-1 Printed Circuit Board

-2 Completed Gearboxes with 4.5V DC motors

-1 Battery Holder With Connector for 3 AAA Batteries 

-2 Rubber O-Rings

-6 Miscellaneous Screws