Children's Technology Review/ Video

Posted by Daniel Ramirez on 6th Oct 2014

Follow the link to check out their review and video

"This kit contains three snap-together robots that are powered by a single solar cell (included), and that incorporate common items (e.g., a CD-ROM, aluminum soda can or plastic bottle). 

You don't actually learn much about solar energy, or recycling. What you do learn is how to follow directions (there are a lot of them) and that you need a lot of light to make something actually move.

Building a model is complicated -- while no glue is needed, there are dozens of molded plastic parts that must be carefully removed and cleaned of rough edges, which may require the use of a sharp knife.

Following and reading old fashioned printed directions is a prerequisite skill; which is both a strength and a weakness.

No batteries are required, but your robot will need a bright light source. The sun is best, but you can also use the light beam from a projector or LED spotlight (a regular flashlight isn't bright enough).

The final result is ho-hum -- you can't steer the car or control the speed of the inventions, other than the brightness of the lights. There isn't even an on/off switch. Watch CTR Editorial Assistant Michael Sluby build all three inventions from scratch."