Fun, Educational Toys and Kits: A Conversation with OWI

Posted by Daniel Ramirez on 25th May 2023

Are you searching for toys that offer more than just entertainment? Look no further than OWI, a leader in educational robots and science kits. In a recent interview with our Marketing Manager, Daniel Ramirez, we explored our fascinating range of toys and kits that combine fun and learning. Let's dive into the highlights of our conversation!


A Journey into Educational Robotics

OWI, known for our innovative products, has been at the forefront of educational robotics since 1980. From our humble beginnings as a company selling commercial speakers, OWI Inc. seized the opportunity to explore the world of robotics. Today, we are synonymous with creative and educational toys that captivate young minds.

Unveiling the Cyber Hand: A DIY Marvel

One of our standout creations is the Cyber Hand. This DIY kit allows children to wear a glove-like contraption, transforming their hand into a mechanical marvel. Controlled by springs and activated through finger movements, the Cyber Hand combines engineering principles with interactive play.

The STEM Lab: Where Imagination Takes Flight

Our STEM Lab offers an array of components that children can rearrange to build their own inventions. With over 100 schematic diagrams, this kit unlocks limitless possibilities for imaginative exploration and hands-on learning.

Solar Kits: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Introducing children to renewable energy sources, our solar-powered kits empower young minds to understand and experiment with solar energy. Whether it's building a solar-powered dragster or exploring wind-powered experiments, these kits inspire eco-friendly curiosity and outdoor engagement.

From the Robotic Arm Edge to SmartCore 6: Expanding Horizons

The Robotic Arm Edge and SmartCore 6 exemplify our commitment to versatile and comprehensive learning experiences. These kits allow kids to construct and control sophisticated robotic arms and vehicles, sparking their interest in engineering and technology.

Discover the full range of OWI's educational toys and kits at our official website:

A Conversation with Fred Fishkin, Producer of Techstination

We had the pleasure of discussing these incredible toys and kits with Daniel Ramirez, our Marketing Manager, in an interview conducted by veteran radio reporter, Fred Fishkin. Fred, the producer of Techstination, is renowned for his expertise in technology reporting. His extensive experience and passion for gadgets and gear make Techstination your ultimate destination for tech insights.

To listen to the full interview, visit Techstination Interview with Daniel Ramirez.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of OWI's educational offerings. Remember, learning and fun go hand in hand, and OWI is here to inspire the next generation of innovators!