OWI’s Cyber Hand: A Year-Round Marvel Beyond Father's Day

Posted by Daniel Ramirez on 8th Sep 2023

At OWI, innovation never stops, and neither do the accolades. Recently, our OWI-844 Cyber Hand made its mark on Urban Milan's tech gift guide as a top pick for Father’s Day. While the occasion has passed, the appeal of this stellar robotics kit remains timeless.

With a majestic length of 16” (that’s twice the size of an average adult hand!), the Cyber Hand stands out as a prime example of mechanical wizardry. This right-handed STEM wonder allows users to pick up objects, give pets a gentle pat, and delve deep into the captivating realm of robotics. Its unique design features four spring-loaded flexor control abductors and an adjustable palm plate, enabling the hand to flex its joints in a fascinatingly real manner. The best part? It achieves all this without the need for motors, water, or electricity!

If you missed the opportunity to gift this during Father’s Day, don’t fret. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a day you feel like gifting, the Cyber Hand is an evergreen choice for all ages and occasions. Plus, it's not just about the Cyber Hand; we offer a myriad of other robotic kits that promise endless hours of exploration and entertainment. Dive in and discover!

Link to the product: OWI-844 Cyber Hand

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