Score a Touchdown with OWI's Big Game Bonanza: 50% Off Top Robot Kits! - Ends February 12th

Posted by Daniel Ramirez on 1st Feb 2024

Football Robot

As the two top teams in football gear up for the year's biggest showdown, OWI Robotics is bringing the spirit of the Big Game to fans of STEM and robotics with an unbeatable sale and a thrilling contest!

Celebrate the Big Game with Big Savings!

It's that time of year again when the excitement of football meets the innovation of robotics. OWI Robotics is proud to announce our Big Game Bonanza Sale, offering a whopping 50% off some of our most beloved robot kits. This is your chance to combine the thrill of the game with the thrill of building and learning.

Our All-Star Lineup on Sale:

  • OWI-SLK173, Rookie Solar Racer v3 (Was $11.95, Now: $5.97) : Dive into solar energy's potential with this beginner-friendly kit. It's a race to the finish line with sustainable power!
  • OWI-993, Ozkar Vacuum Robot (Was $21.95, Now: $10.97) : Clean up your act this game season with Ozkar, the tiny vacuum robot with a big personality.
  • OWI-44110, Scrib (Was $11.95, Now: $10.97) : Unleash your creativity with Scrib, a robot that turns doodles into artistic masterpieces.
  • OWI-353, Rhino Beetle (Was $16.95, Now: $8.47) : Construct a model of one of nature's most formidable insects with this engaging kit.
  • OWI-MSK690, Green Life (Was $22.95, Now: $11.47) : Explore the wonders of eco-friendly energy and green technology.
  • OWI-MSK691, Penguin Life (Was $22.95, Now: 11.47) : Delve into alternative energy sources with this charming and educational kit.
  • OWI-608, Solar Battery (Was $33.95, Now: $16.97) : Power your projects and experiments with this robust solar battery.

Join Our Big Game Score Prediction Contest

In addition to the sale, we're inviting you to predict the final score of the Big Game. If your guess is spot on, you'll win a FREE Mystery Robot Kit worth $29.95. That's right, your love for the game could land you an exciting prize, perfect for robot enthusiasts of any age.

Why OWI Robotics?

For over four decades, OWI has been at the forefront of educational robotics. Our DIY kits are more than just toys; they're tools for learning, designed to spark curiosity and a passion for STEM education. This Big Game season, we're celebrating the ingenuity of both football and robotics by offering our customers these amazing deals.

Get in on the Action

Don't wait until the final whistle blows! This sale ends the day after the Big Game, so visit our website now to take advantage of these offers. Whether you're cheering for your favorite team or rooting for your latest robotic creation, OWI Robotics is here to make this Big Game one for the books!

With OWI Robotics, you're not just a spectator; you're part of the team. Let's build, learn, and celebrate together!

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